The new academic year is here and as a student myself, i decided to share some tips and advice i have personally learned and will start doing more of, or, less of as i am going back to school.

  • First and foremost as you are going back to school, you need to have a clean/positive mindset, meaning that you have to let go, and forget about everything that happened in the previous semester. Be it negative peers or influence(s), poor grades, etc. It is all in the past, so leave it in the past and focus on starting your academic year anew and strong. If possible have a detox; like basic yoga before school every morning, it really helps😉


  • Identify and set your goals; as a student you should always have it at the back of your mind that you are competing with yourself, to create the best version of yourself (that is; doctor, lawyer, engineer, entrepreneur, artist, etc). And as such, you need to be self-motivated and disciplined everyday. Set a goal and narrow it down. For example, if you want good grades, narrow it down to the letter grade you are aiming for in a particular class or course, which in turn affects the broad goal “your G.P.A,” and create a map/plan on how you will reach the goal; it should not necessarily be a routine but something that works for you, e.g. Forming study groups, going to the library on weekends, studying ahead of time and the likes.


  • Visit a mentor or counselor frequently, some counselors are really helpful and will coach you along your educational journey. They are able to map a plan with you on how to graduate successfully; they help you on which classes to take, and in which order and sometimes make great suggestions for you. I strongly advise you to meet with a counselor specialized in your major. For instance, do not go to a general Ed counselor if you are a science major, because the information you will receive differs. Do your research and use the school resources to your advantage and make connections with motivated and focused people like you who can also help and inspire you along the way.


  • Pre- read and post read before and after class, so that the new material stays fresh in your mind. This enables you to be confident when exams, quizzes or other testings are approaching. Avoid cramming and limit memorization. When you understand something, you hardly forget it and can explain it in many ways. So learn slowly and efficiently, have time to learn and try to understand what you are being taught because you will eventually need to apply the obtained knowledge and/or information later in life. A great example is Medical School; you will need to be very stable and confident in your undergraduate knowledge of the sciences.


  • Prioritize and try to do things on time. As a student, it is very easy and sometimes fun to procrastinate, but remember, the earlier you stay on top of your game, the better you do in class. Invest in a notepad or any kind of planner which you can use to meet deadlines, organize your social, school and/ or work-life. Having a planner is mentally and psychologically healthy, because your mind is clutter-free, allowing you to concentrate on one thing at a time, and getting things done. Cut the bad habit(s) little by little, else you will end the semester regretting and wishing you did things differently. ” Had i known is always at last” –Don’t let that be you.


  • Have time for yourself, there are many articles that describe and explain the benefits of  a fruitful and great workout. Research and studies show that a great workout helps with effective studies and long term retention. Be wise on how you spend your time, because time wasted can not be re-gained. But that should not stop you from having fun and entertaining yourself, don’t not loose yourself. Take care of your mind, spirit, soul and physical well -being, because stability in all areas of your life will help you to be successful in your academics and school in general. So do the workout peepz!

PS. Taking clean and colorful notes helps boost a positive mood for learning. So try it 😉


Wishing you all a wonderful semester/ academic year. Hope you all excel in your studies. Remember to ask for help, mingle with the right people and stay on top of your game, and if you are struggling with anything, remember there are a lot of solutions and answers on the internet. So do your research on different learning strategies, note taking tips, etc. Research, Research, its all there!

Wishing you all A’s & God bless us all

Sika Sunshine 😊