Remember the outcome of your life and story is all up to you! ~ $ika Sunshine

The Goal Getter/ Goal Digger planner is one created for the hopeful, the optimistic and risk-takers. I am a firm believer that life can be created from scratch with the things you do daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. It all depends on how bad you want to blow your mind with your dreams. It starts NOW. 

So get creative, plan and document your future and accomplishments, to-do’s and what not by ordering a free customizable “Goal-digger/ Goal-getter” Planner that does that.


* In order to access this free printable, you would need to be an active subscriber. Upon purchase you will receive a unique pass-code via email and receive a planner template, as well as your customized free “Goal Getter/ Goal Digger” planner (optional).


*For best results use “fit to page” setting on printer setting to ensure portions are not cut off 

*  Works on all kinds of paper but for durability, you may use card stock paper or any type of printing paper that works for you

* Customization is Free…. yaay!!


Send additional info to for any detailed customization ideas or suggestions for your free Goal digger/ Goal getter planner.

All questions, concerns and constructive critiques are taken into consideration!




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