Being Confident & Rich in your singleness {Single hood}…My message to you

What a beautiful day to be alive, to share something with you…that i know for sure will have an impact on your way of life and daily decision. Keep reading…

I learnt something very important from a sermon by pastor T.D Jake and i decided to share it here, so you can also be blessed by it.  I will go straight to the point.. and you can watch my YouTube video here Things Singles Ought To Know , where i elaborate more on some points and things ya should know.

Being single does not mean you are incomplete. Today, many people; adults, teenagers and sadly some adolescents rush into relationships, dating, etc. Ask yourself in all honesty, what is/ are your reason(s) to go into a relationship. Does your answer make sense? Is it worth it? Have you even prayed about it? Read this THE WAIT IS WORTH IT! (Things to do before and during dating, courting or marriage) Do not go into a relationship because of peer pressure, societal pressure, financial help and the likes, and most importantly do not rush to be in one at all.

If you are financially unstable, do not rely on a man or woman for money or material stuff. Sweat and work hard & smart for your own money and be faithful to your struggles. Don’t cheat life or find shortcuts. Make your dream life come true honorably through your hard work, consistency, determination and a Go-getting mindset. If others can be self-made and live comfortably without being born into wealth or even having a platform set for them. Why can’t you? –we are all the same… no one is more human than the other. How we use our time, energy and resources, opportunities, struggles, etc, is what separates a successful person from an unsuccessful one.

Be happy as a single; do not be eager to be in a relationship. Work on yourself , build interests, hobbies aside from church, school or work. Love and cater for your whole self (body, mind, spirit & soul) and use that period to deepen your relationship with God; so you can understand and know the worth and true meaning of a beautiful relationship; one that is true, understanding, honest, peaceful, unconditionally loving; one that will help you emotionally, spiritually and physically and mold you into the best version of yourself.

As a single person you need to live and commit to what you have. DON’T overspend or do the most, when you do not have enough. Cut your coat according to your size, to avoid the temptation of looking elsewhere for help –It’s pure laziness in my opinion. And of course, everything great takes time, there will be challenges, delays, bumps here and there….no one said it will be easy and no one said it’s impossible either. But at the end it is all worth it; if you get to call it “Your own money,” from your hard work, tears and determination. So believe in you and depend on what you can do by being productive (your daily habits, etc) –with that in mind and God’s intervention, you will soar high like an eagle. You will be Unstoppable!

Know your worth, your vision, goals & direction in life. Get to know yourself (self-love and self-discovery) and enjoy every moment of it. This goes to the ladies especially; know your worth and build yourself. When the time is right, things will surely fall into place. So, Focus on what matters, same applies to the gents; one thing at a time. Don’t give in, Don’t give up. EVER!

Until my next blog,

Remember to Flee from Temptations &

Blossom and Shine Always 😊

Sika Sunshine

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Wellness Habits ( Things to do when you are down or feel unmotivated)

Life can get tough at times, with the stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and the difficult times you have no control over & so much more.

God hears us when we pray, His delay is not His denial. Every Challenge and obstacle you face is  bound to happen (Ecclesiastes 3:4) ; to teach you a life lesson, to prepare you for the future ahead, or to give you an experience so you may be able to grow through what you went through, and make wise decisions. So do not throw in the towel yet, because God will sort you out.

In this post, i will be sharing with you some of the Things i do when i am feeling down or feel unmotivated, with the hope that it can help someone during those times. I believe everyone goes through that moment once in a while, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. What you do with your time during those moments is what counts, because it can further destroy you or build you. It’s all up to you and the choices and decisions you take or make, at that very moment. So be smart.

1. One thing, i have started doing more of is exercising! I do not exercise only to be fit. I exercise because of its many benefits and the fact that it protects my sanity, Yass!. It helps me release negative & toxic energy/stress. Exercise gives me this awesomazing feeling (made that word up, because the feeling is indescribable). So, include exercise gradually and daily into your lifestyle; it could be riding a bike, to having a morning or nature walk, jogging, hitting the gym, etc. After all, the only bad workout is the one you did not do😉.

~ “To enjoy the glow of glow of good health, you must exercise. It is a shame for mankind to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which the body is capable of.” ~

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~ Shona Vertue ~


2. Believe and trust in God’s plan. I strongly believe that a stable spirit & soul starts from being mentally fit ( so work on your mind; the things you watch, fantasize about, etc. You need to cut everything that is unjust & unhealthy for your mind, your self and your emotional well-being, even if it means cutting certain people out of your life, etc).

I prefer to be active before i read the scripture or worship. For example, if i want to pray or meditate on the Word of God at 5 am. I would obviously wash my face, brush my teeth, a few stretching, etc to wake up before i can give my undivided attention to God because i need to be present in that moment, & it might be a different case for someone, that’s totally fine because we are all different in the way we do things.

Similarly, when you are going through a rough time, it is sometimes difficult to jump straight into the Word of God, because you are drained mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So figure out what makes you spiritually present/awake, it could be exercise, music, listening to a motivational video, the testimony of successful/ great people’s story & how they made it despite their various and many obstacles. Then Meditate on God’s plan and promises for you. Because He wants us to stay in contact with Him, through the good & bad times, so He can give us the enduring strength to overcome everything and anything life throws at us. So, don’t let your sufferings prevent you from shining, its not an excuse. We all suffer… some might suffer than others, but  we all suffer and face challenges at a point in our life.  So, Ask God to grant you the courage to change the things you can, and intervene on your behalf to overcome the things you can not change or have no control over. Because He will always be with you and me.


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3. I cheer myself up by writing/blogging. I love to write/blog because it is one of the few times i really come out of my comfort zone. I am able to express my thoughts, share tips, advice and other random stuffs via this blog and YouTube. I feel the most productive and positive when i write because not only do i want to help people with the content i share, but i also want to inspire and improve upon myself, because i learn something new everyday. No matter how down i am or feel, writing helps me reach a peaceful state of mind & being. It brings me joy, and adds purpose to my life, because i get to share advice, tips, honest opinions, etc with readers on this blog. So, find something that means a lot to you or  brings you joy or satisfaction, it could be a reason or purpose for living , a hobby, a talent, work and so much more. Be Strong and smile it all out, even when it seems impossible, because no condition lasts forever, it will never be permanent, if you also work towards it.


~ Whitney Madueke ~


4. Do things that brings you inner joy & peace. It could be painting, dancing, meditation, cleaning/tidying or organizing your space, dressing up, watching a movie, baking, etc. Try to do anything helpful and worthwhile to center yourself away from your stress and problems.

I like to watch action movies, comedy or movies based on true stories, and indulge in creative stuff(s). Movies are inspiring and fun to watch; Nikita helped me build my confidence because she was smart, strong & fearless; Queen of Katwe taught me that you should never give up on your dream, and that you can make it Big whether you have the resources or not, as long as you love what you do and you do it well, God will surely send a person your way that will discover you and your talent, and will help you “climb up the ladder” & Step up: Rise up and Dance inspired me to be serious about my fitness goal.

So, watching movies can be a great way to release stress and learn as well. Moreover, Painting and drawing, surprisingly has many emotional and mental benefits as well. So use your time wisely and  live life even through those hard times. Don’t be mean to yourself.

Sika _Sunshine ~


5. I  like to write inspirational quotes to myself and paste it on the wall, or anywhere visible so i can always see it, and be reminded of it. If you have watched “Being Mary Jane,” you will notice that she always has these notes plastered on her mirrors and at her job, and whenever she is going through something she would grab one with a powerful quote or positive affirmation. This little act made me realize the power of positive affirmations and i have incorporated it into my life. It could be a sentence, paragraph or 3 words, as long as it means something powerful to you. It really helps, because you are basically declaring and decreeing goodness and blessings into your life. And there is power in words, if you have Faith.

Try it, you can thank me later!😊


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🎇So, remember you are not alone in this life journey and all that it comes with, the fact that people do not show their sad and/ or down moments especially on social media, does not mean they have it all figured out, and are the most luckiest people in the world. Nah!, they just don’t want you to see what goes on behind the scenes of their glamorous and “perfect” life – and that is okay, because it is their business. But don’t hurt yourself mentally or compare yourself with, or, to anyone for those reasons. Shine in your zone, be a light in your own life. Be smart & make wise decisions ; Flee & resist temptations and most importantly, Be yourself and Blossom & Shine Always.🎇

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Until my next post,

Stay Awesome and be Blessed ✌



 The new academic year is here and as a student myself, i decided to share some tips and advice i have personally learned and will start doing more of, or, less of as i am going back to school.

  • First and foremost as you are going back to school, you need to have a clean/positive mindset, meaning that you have to let go, and forget about everything that happened in the previous semester. Be it negative peers or influence(s), poor grades, etc. It is all in the past, so leave it in the past and focus on starting your academic year anew and strong. If possible have a detox; like basic yoga before school every morning, it really helps😉


  • Identify and set your goals; as a student you should always have it at the back of your mind that you are competing with yourself, to create the best version of yourself (that is; doctor, lawyer, engineer, entrepreneur, artist, etc). And as such, you need to be self-motivated and disciplined everyday. Set a goal and narrow it down. For example, if you want good grades, narrow it down to the letter grade you are aiming for in a particular class or course, which in turn affects the broad goal “your G.P.A,” and create a map/plan on how you will reach the goal; it should not necessarily be a routine but something that works for you, e.g. Forming study groups, going to the library on weekends, studying ahead of time and the likes.


  • Visit a mentor or counselor frequently, some counselors are really helpful and will coach you along your educational journey. They are able to map a plan with you on how to graduate successfully; they help you on which classes to take, and in which order and sometimes make great suggestions for you. I strongly advise you to meet with a counselor specialized in your major. For instance, do not go to a general Ed counselor if you are a science major, because the information you will receive differs. Do your research and use the school resources to your advantage and make connections with motivated and focused people like you who can also help and inspire you along the way.


  • Pre- read and post read before and after class, so that the new material stays fresh in your mind. This enables you to be confident when exams, quizzes or other testings are approaching. Avoid cramming and limit memorization. When you understand something, you hardly forget it and can explain it in many ways. So learn slowly and efficiently, have time to learn and try to understand what you are being taught because you will eventually need to apply the obtained knowledge and/or information later in life. A great example is Medical School; you will need to be very stable and confident in your undergraduate knowledge of the sciences.


  • Prioritize and try to do things on time. As a student, it is very easy and sometimes fun to procrastinate, but remember, the earlier you stay on top of your game, the better you do in class. Invest in a notepad or any kind of planner which you can use to meet deadlines, organize your social, school and/ or work-life. Having a planner is mentally and psychologically healthy, because your mind is clutter-free, allowing you to concentrate on one thing at a time, and getting things done. Cut the bad habit(s) little by little, else you will end the semester regretting and wishing you did things differently. ” Had i known is always at last” –Don’t let that be you.


  • Have time for yourself, there are many articles that describe and explain the benefits of  a fruitful and great workout. Research and studies show that a great workout helps with effective studies and long term retention. Be wise on how you spend your time, because time wasted can not be re-gained. But that should not stop you from having fun and entertaining yourself, don’t not loose yourself. Take care of your mind, spirit, soul and physical well -being, because stability in all areas of your life will help you to be successful in your academics and school in general. So do the workout peepz!

PS. Taking clean and colorful notes helps boost a positive mood for learning. So try it 😉


Wishing you all a wonderful semester/ academic year. Hope you all excel in your studies. Remember to ask for help, mingle with the right people and stay on top of your game, and if you are struggling with anything, remember there are a lot of solutions and answers on the internet. So do your research on different learning strategies, note taking tips, etc. Research, Research, its all there!

Wishing you all A’s & God bless us all

Sika Sunshine 😊