Hello, i welcome you to ForeverBlossomShine.

This is my beautiful online home where i share advice, life lessons and inevitable things that happens to us (human beings) and how we can, and should, always find strength within us to push ourselves to fight and turn these day-to-day  and life struggles into a positive fuel to make our lives better, our soul peaceful and our smiles truthful.

I started ForeverBlossomShine because i was going through a very difficult journey in my life. So i started journaling my experiences in a book, knowing that with time, things would be better and that all the hardship i had experienced would be things of the past, BECAUSE i was willing and prepared to  work hard and take meaningful risks to be happy and content with life. But i realized that you can work hard, take risks, plan well, and still not find true happiness. To cut everything short, I was leaving God out of the equation, i prioritized everything else over him without consciously realizing because i thought i only needed my strength to survive in this world. Of course, i was wrong, now i know better.

Social media is one of the most deceptive tool in our generation, it can break or make you. People mostly use the platform to display their riches, comfort, etc and keep the ugly side or emotional part to themselves. So we think they have no problems. WRONG!

On the other hand, it can be a very useful tool, only if it is well implemented. Everything written here is based on my opinion, everyday life challenges & inspired by motivational speakers and preachers. Remember, No condition is permanent!

So if you want to be inspired to live a meaningful and happy life, grow in wisdom and knowledge, and live the best life possible by hearing, doing and achieving more. Please subscribe or follow this blog to stay in touch and journey along with me to discover and become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

My Goal is to inspire, motivate and build your faith. It takes the Grace of God for everything to fall in place.

“All you can do is plant your seed in the ground, water it… and believe” — “that and the Grace of God is the key to success.”

O,where are my manners,  you can call me sika sunshine or Gogettergirl (I like to be called both simultaneously) ..lol. And i will call you all (readers and subscribers) “The Gogetters” because YOU are in life to be victorious and prosper and nothing should stop you. EVER!


Personal Development is a journey not a destination! “We must become the change we want to see.”


Sika Sunshine