Forever, Blossom & Shine is the art or process of maturing and developing in a promising and healthy way even in the midst of trials, adversities, challenges and painful experiences. We must at least try to overcome, because the journey of life is never or rarely linear.

So Blossom and Shine with me always, no matter the circumstances.

for-blog.png Hello, 

I am Sika Sunshine, and I am embarking on a very tough Journey. A Journey to finding and fulfilling my purpose, strengthening my relationship with God, being health-conscious and above all sharing with the world, especially the Youth what I know, what I am learning; and directly or indirectly experiencing in my journey , that can benefit you; to live your life by design.

This blog is not just a creative outlet for me; but also a very important part of my identity. I have always loved to share advice and encourage people even when I had challenges of my own. Forever, Blossom Shine allows me to reach a wide audience that I hope will take my words into action and know that we are all in this together.


May the Peace of the Lord sink deep into us; and may our challenges never outshine our hidden potential and good energy.