Do not be a spectator in life. Do not get knocked down in life for nothing, get knocked down for something. There are days when we lose hope, courage, confidence,etc. And it is only human, you have all the right to feel a certain way especially if you feel you do not belong somewhere in your life. Because that feeling will serve as the boost to make YOU take ACTION, that will change and transform your life. When you have had enough of something, it is ENOUGH!
Therefore, my friend, whatever that it is you are going through, know that someone is going through the same or even worse and that through that some people have died, lost their mind, self-esteem, confidence,integrity, family, friends, loved ones, happiness and peace. On the other hand, others have gained confidence, spiritual satisfaction, gratitude and appreciation and a meaningful and blissful life full of hope, adventure, light and love. In short, there is no one way your story will end when you are going through very difficult and troubling times (It actually really depends on you) and how far you are willing to push and sacrifice to reach greatness for yourself.
It is hard to remain positive during tests and tribulations because your mind is troubled which changes everything (your views, faith,confidence, strength,etc.

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I do not know who else feels like this, but if you do please leave a comment below.
For me in tough times, i really get frustrated, stressed out and disappointed in general whether it is directly or indirectly my fault. My faith is really tested at this point but then because i know or heard of great people who made it the hard way and through persistence. I gain this confidence that my struggles are what will make my story unique, my life meaningful, and my dream life a  reality. I become my own booster, i inspire myself by talking to myself and saying nice things to myself because sometimes you will not get someone to say nice things about you genuinely. You have to fortify yourself, consciously monitor your inner conversation. Start talking to yourself . Sometimes the only good thing you will hear about yourself is from YOU. BE YOUR OWN BOOSTER!!!
No one wants to hear the story of a man or woman who had everything.We want to hear the ugly, tough and dramatic stories that will inspire us to challenge ourselves so that we too can move from nowhere to somewhere.
People want to hear stories of men and women who endured pain and turned their struggles into a beautiful and meaningful gift. Your struggle is a part of your story and is part of what made you TODAY. Your struggle will be the gift that the universe will fall in love with. All the great people we admire, have a story to tell and the struggles they had to overcome, Do you think they would be where they are right now if they had given up just because the “goings” were tough for them? Absolutely not.
It is okay to be overwhelmed, frustrated and distraught during painful moments. But also keep in mind, that pain is your friend (very ironical) but that is what i believe. I weep, and almost all the time stress out during painful moments. But at the back of my mind i know that strength, courage and the other qualities i have and am building now are as a result of my struggles and pain. I do not want to pity myself ever. How could i? Do i want people to feel sorry for me or do i want them too look up to me? 
There are a lot of amazing people in this world who have accomplished a lot in their pain or what society will term as a misfortune compared to those who are fit. For instance, there are certain people who are born with no legs, arms, no vision, etc but they have a sense of direction, they do not pity themselves and therefore are able to do things which people with arms and legs can not even dream of, yet accomplish.
I want to remind you that you pain, your struggles will visit and revisit you again. and when, they do come back again fight it harder and overcome it. And age and grow in grace


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